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A couple of the reasons we are successful at what do are our partners and resources. You might not be familiar with what BCO stands for, so let us take the time to explain. BCO is an acronym used by our partner Landstar to describe their owner-operators. BCO stands for Business Capacity Owner. If you are a customer of ours or looking for our services, you might hear our staff say BCO from time to time.

Landstar BCO’s are one of our most valued assets in our business today. Landstar has an amazing safety record and that is the direct reflection of the hard work and commitment of Landstar BCOs. As an independent agent of Landstar, we are pleased to share that Landstar continues to grow its fleet. Currently, Landstar has a fleet count of over 10,500 BCO’s. The fleet count is comprised of several different power units including Express Trucks and over the road power units. In addition to having different power units the BCO’s bring several different equipment options.

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