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Taylor Shipping Solutions has the capacity solutions you need. We provide transportation services from over the road to air freight. No job is too small or too big because we have the capacity to transport anything you need. Our highly skilled agents can help guide you through the entire process to ensure your freight is delivered safely and timely.

Finding the right driver can be a challenging task. Our drivers are the best in the business and their records, certifications, and professionalism prove it. All drivers go through a vetting process that ensures every driver meets the rigorous standards in order to be considered in the first place. Once accepted, all our drivers must process and maintain Hazmat certifications and driving records in accordance with customer set standards. 

Box trucks and dedicated drivers located throughout the United States are another important part of managing your needs. With access to more than 60,000 truck capacity providers and a wide array of equipment, no one in the industry can match our service. What good is all the business in the world if you don’t have the trailer you need to move it? Let us provide you with the equipment you need in the agreed time and location. We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to trailer types.

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