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Heavy Haul

Whether you are hauling a single machine or managing a complex project, Taylor Shipping Solutions has you covered.

Taylor Shipping Solutions has the experience, capacity, and equipment to handle your heavy haul needs. We offer an array of specialized equipment including flatbeds, step decks, double drops, expendables, multi-axles, steerables, lowboys with 40-80 ton capacity, RGN units, Schnabel's, beams, perimeters, as well as blade trailers.

Over-sized items such as industrial machinery and military equipment can present logistical challenges if you aren’t familiar with how to transport them. These shipments typically require special handling, optimized routing, and additional permits as are sometimes not able to travel on certain roadways due to their size and weight. Understanding what an over-sized load is and what their weight limitations are is crucial for a smooth transport.

When you add to the mix our unmatched commitment to safety, then you’ll understand why Taylor Shipping Solutions is the right choice when it comes to over-dimensional, heavyweight freight.

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