Taylor Shipping Solutions

Our Story

  • 1980

    Taylor Shipping Solutions is a family-owned business. It started in the early 1980s with a great idea of assisting with shipments and improving the transportation process
    in its entirety.

  • 2000

    Taylor Shipping Solutions started growing faster and it became the support that each customer could count on. The company expanded its services to air freight, ocean cargo, sand, rig, less than truckload and many other options.

  • 2005

    Taylor Shipping Solutions became an agent of Landstar Agency AUS, and we combined our technology and staff solutions to provide customers with everything they need to get the corresponding equipment when they need it and at the best possible price.

  • 2010

    Taylor Shipping Solutions is constantly growing, and by 2010, we were proud to announce that our company had more than 200 employees who were handling different types of shipments across the entire United States.

  • 2015

    At the beginning of 2015, Taylor Shipping Solutions supported more than 1M loads, 12K fleet counts, and more than 620K carriers.

  • Today

    We are counting more than 350 support agents up to today. Our huge customer base reflects how truthful and loyal partner Taylor Shipping Solutions is. We value the successful relationships we have developed over the years and look forward to growing with new customers.

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