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Social buzz

All the latest news from the transportation world in one place!

Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Happy Holidays! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ

We just wanted to pop in to wish you all a very joyous and cheerful holiday season! β˜ƒοΈ
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Happy Friday! πŸŽ‰

What a great way to end a week. Check out this genset package ( 32`1``L 12`3``W 14`8``H ) that our broker Mike moved from Tulsa, OK to Baytown, TX ! πŸ…

Great job Mike! πŸ‘

#freightbroker #gensetpackage #greatjob #taylorshipping
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Our Broker Sophie made sure that Ralph Ziman's SPOEK 1 Casspir got to the PULSE Art Fair in Miami safely and on time! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

Check out the video that our client made and congrats Sophie!πŸ‘πŸŽŠ

#waytogo #proud #taylorshipping
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Happy Monday all! β˜•οΈπŸ˜

Take a look at these interesting trucking facts! Have a great week from us here at Taylor Shipping Solutions 🀩
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
We're very excited to announce that our Blog is now live and available to all of you! πŸ₯³

Go check out our first post and let us know what you think! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ“–


#taylorshipping #blog #firstpost
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions
Our YouTube Channel is LIVE!

Like and Subscribe!

#youtubechannel #promovideo #taylorshippingsolutions
Taylor Shipping Solutions

Did you know?

If you could line up all U.S. trucks, they would reach the moon! ...


What is your favorite doughnut flavor?

Every few days Taylor Shipping Solutions team is ordering multiple doughnut boxes for everyone's taste. ...


One-third of all semi-trucks that are operating in the United States are registered in California, Florida, and Texas.

Which state are you from? ...


Did you know that the average person spends two weeks of their entire life waiting at red lights?

Imagine how much time that is for truck drivers! β›Ÿ ...


A look at our office!

Our Freight Agents are working hard and successfully moving all kinds of loads all across the USA! ...


It is shown that 61% of Americans text while driving.

Stay safe and don't text and drive. ...


"I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep" - Robert Frost



90% of the food that Americans eat is hauled by refrigerated trucks.

It's predicted that most grocery stores would run out of food in 3 days if truckers stopped working. ...


Tesla semi is almost here!

What are your thoughts on it? ...


A view a lot of us are very familiar with.



Did you know that longest freight train in American history was longer than 6 football fields. πŸšƒ



Just a friendly reminder to stay hydrated from us at Taylor Shipping Solutions.

Several cities across the country will have +100Β° temperatures this week! ...


As you are reading this, there are currently about 15.5 million trucks operating on US roads and highways. 🚚



Taylor Mobile Services minivans are ready to assist you with any task or service you need!



Good morning people!

Have you slept well? Did you drink your coffee this morning? Have a good day from TMS! ...



I think we can all agree that this the most satisfying photo you'll probably see today! ...



12’6’’ wide transformer out of MS to Cali. #...


Work Hard, Play Hard

Having a little bit of fun after a hard day of work keeps us all more focused and ready for new challenges! ...


Transportation you can count on!

Cable reels, crated burner oven, and tank were successfully moved straight from Texas to California, Atlanta, GA, and Idaho. ...


Working Hard

Take a peek at our office where our Freight Agents are working hard and successfully moving all kinds of loads all across the USA! ...


Tough Situation

This is just a short overview of the entire situation because it's nearly impossible to talk about all the details that went down....


Hazardous Materials

Shipping hazardous materials can be very tricky but not for Landstar drivers. Did you know that Landstar has over 9,000 Hazmat lice...


Prepping done Right

Did you ever wonder how it looks like preparing the 15ft wide load for tarping? Our Landstar BCO Franklin did an awesome job with ta...


Almost There

We're almost there! Putting some finishing touches on our Web application. See you soon! ...


Hotshot Loads

Some hotshot loads from our broker Charles ...


App Coming Soon

With a tap of a button, you will be able to schedule your next car service or oil change from the comfort of your home or workplace.&...



Brainstorming ...

brainstormingnewmarketingmanager #workinghard #bestofthebest taylorshippingsolutions

Freight Transportation

The week started of great for Taylor Shipping Solutions. Our Freight Agents contributed to the transportation of heavy loads on differe...


New Team Members

Our newest team members ...


Oversized Loads

Dealing with oversized loads can be a real issue, but not for our Jessica. She loves the challenge. ...



Are you missing something, Batman? Our freight agents successfully transported the legendary vehicle. ...


Great Landstar Agent

Amazing feedback from a Landstar Driver about one of our Agents. Thank you CB and Charlie.. ...