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Tracking and Tracing

We here at Taylor Shipping Solutions understand the urgency of shipments and the need to have updated tracking information. We have several solutions for our customers to make sure they have the most updated information.

Tracking and tracing is a process by which we determine the current and past locations (and other relevant information) of any shipment. It is also used for geopositioning mobile elements in different environments indoors and outdoors (i.e. containers in a ship or a train, trucks on the road, forklifts in factories, etc.). This way you can be sure of the location and movement of your goods at any time during the whole process. Furthermore, these technologies play an important role in the logistics processes automation and optimization throughout the entire supply chain. The capability to manage various delivery flows operated by multiple carriers is crucial to ensure the best overall customer experience. 

System type that we are using is a full type system meaning all the members of the supply chain are involved. To consolidate and share information with all those involved, a traceability tool requires the implementation of a tracking system. We use the Track&Trace database to manage sector-specific information about the shipments that are being tracked and the associated traceability data.

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