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Taylor Mobile Services

Taylor Mobile Services is a community platform that gives you an opportunity to promote your business, grow your customer base and even provides you with all the tools needed to start your own business. In the TMS app, you can register as a vendor, supplier or a unique user and each category has its specific opportunities and is customized individually. TMSs’ goal is to improve communication between all parties and leave a positive impact on every user, vendor, and supplier by ensuring the best possible service.

Taylor Staffing Solutions

Taylor Staffing Solutions is a recruiting company that focuses on getting the right people to the best positions. With Taylor Staffing Solutions you can find your dream job or expand your company with the best of the best. Taylor Staffing Solutions will help you find a job where you can grow and prosper or bring your company to new heights.

Taylor & Lassen

Taylor & Lassen is a law firm that devotes special attention to clients who might be in need of legal assistance for various reasons. Driven by their client-oriented approach, they provide holistic solutions that resolve your issues of today and mitigate any impact the current situation may have on your future.

Online Transport International

Online Transport International is a trucking company that will help you keep everything on track no matter where your freight is headed. We have the capacity to ship your freight to or from any airport/port worldwide. Let us coordinate pickups, track shipments, and ensure on-time delivery as well as proper handling of documentation. With Online Transport International, you and your freight are in the right hands.

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